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Located in the heart of the Sun Coast, SunCoast Broadcasting Community AM Radio has a diverse menu of shows, from left wing to right wing, gospel and shows from our hispanic community, we have finance and real estate, car guy and beauty experts. And we are committed to Free Speech and expanding the AM reach so that all of our voices can be heard. We are canceling cancel culture.  

We have a lot of folks who can't afford to pay for their airtime, but we want to hear from everyone, and that is where you come in; Please give what you can.

Thank you for your donation!

SunCoast Broadcasting Community Radio Presents

Proudly serving Sarasota, Bradenton and Tampa Bay

America's First Watch AM of

WWPR 1490 AM

America's First Watch AM

Call in at 941-745-1490 and from 4-5 to catch Phil Dann talking with callers about everything from local and national events. From 4-5 anything goes, and it usually does.

I have worked as a political activist from coast to coast in the United States, Europe Central America. I've been a democrat and watched my party slip into the abyss.

I have always had conservative values and have always loved my country. Today I am fighting to take our country back, we have been betrayed by our leaders, they have been protected by their regime media, America is close to being lost, it is time to stand up while we still can.

Please donate so I can continue working to keep what is left of the AM media airway free.


WWPR 1490 AM is where you can find me for the time being, AM radio is under assault by the globalists, American Oligarchy, we are standing up to their attempt to completely enslave us.

Another wave of lockdowns are on the way, the attack on our food supply and supply chains are continuing and our borders have all but disappeared. 

If you can, help out now while some of us are still here to fight for what is left of our country. 

I need your help to visit the farmers in Holland, and the patriots in the UK who are standing up to their government that is literally shipping in immigrants to take their homes and jobs.

It is time to join the fight. Give what you can and tune in to my show for updates and contacts that will help you in your area.

Do not think for a moment that all this is just going to stop if they get rid of President Trump, the minute he is gone, the left will come crashing down on whoever takes his place. 

It is up to you and me, there is no tomorrow, count your blessings you are still able to stand up to this assault on everything you know and love.

Aug, 23 2023.









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