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First Lady Melania Trump is the first First Lady to champion Foster Care

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Tune in Monday thru Friday from 8-9 for the Phil Dann Show.
I am on the air to expose those stories we have hidden from us.
I am broadcasting into one the heart of the I 4 corridor, America's most important political turf. 
Florida is under assault, I am standing with those patriots that are standing up for our great country, we will not allow the Republic to be lost without a fight. 

This website will serve as repository of my research and ramblings, you will be able to access my online rants and my radio shows along with an American First Store that will offer only American Made products. 


Thursday Jan 25 2024

As hard as it is to report I have to share this with you, members of the federal government are planning for a civil war. I would have been among those who thought, this is America, civil wars happen somewhere else, not here.

Barbara F. Walters

Is the US headed towards another civil war? | TED Talk


TED › talks › barbara_f_walter_is_the_u...

Based on her work for a CIA task force aimed at predicting civil wars, political scientist Barbara F. Walter examines the rise in extremism ...

TED · Aug 14, 2023

Spoiler Alert, she blames this all on Trump, and his supporters, and claims Canada will follow us if we don't avert the war here now.

Her solution, surrender or chaos.  

We are being betrayed each and every day by people we are paying to protect us. 

They will be taking our free speech first. 

Tuesday Jan 23 2024

Mayor David Rubin and Michael Letts, Setting the bar that much higher, great moments in our history.

Monday Jan 22 2024 USA TODAY

Razor wire at the border: Supreme Court says feds can remove barriers in Texas meant to block migrants

The ruling was a temporary victory for the Biden administration while the underlying lawsuit continues.

John FritzeMaureen Groppe

Razor wire at the border: Supreme Court says feds can remove barriers in Texas meant to block migrants

The ruling was a temporary victory for the Biden administration while the underlying lawsuit continues.

John FritzeMaureen Groppe


There is a time to pull stones together and there is a time to knock the stones down, today we need to knock each and every stone down.

Israel is slow to anger, she has extended her hand so many times, so gracefully when she didn’t need to.

And each time the stone age thugs decided to return their kindness with a monstrous barbarism that defies the imagination. This stops now, this stops here.

No more can Israel and her formidable allies allow this to happen again, and sadly the acts of October 7th were not the first time we have seen such bizarre cruelty.

Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result, the madness stops here and now.

No more talk of a two state solution, we can’t allow the monster to have access to people who want to live in peace and pass on the gift of peace and prosperity to their children.

For the sake of the Israelis and the peace seeking people of Gaza, there can be only one state, a state of Israel.

If Israel decides to go down the path of a two-state solution again, she should have to go down that road alone.  No more American soldiers and civilians should have to suffer because some softheaded fool thinks that you can change what is in another person’s heart.

We can not allow the barbarity to continue, it ends hear, the people of Gaza, those that seek peace know that the only path to peace it get those that want war out of Gaza and that Gaza and the people therein will become part of the land of Israel.

Stop Dividing Us
Boycott the Superbowl
Its time to send a message loud and clear to the NFL, we have one Flag, the American Flag and one National Anthem, The Star Spangled Bannner.
This is our fight song, this is our National Anthem regardless of what race or creed, if you are an American, you have one flag that unites us, one song that unites us.
Boycott this stupidity and evil madness that is dividing us into groups/races. We are America Strong.

President Trump's Arctic Victory
Many were surprised by President Trump's amazing victory in Iowa.
This victory stunned everyone, and it rightly should. 
Winning Iowa isn't easy because of its unique process and because of the time of year it is held. Candidates are challenged to get out and press the flesh regardless of how unmanageable the weather usually is.
This victory will be one for the record books, but don't hold your breath waiting for the President to get any real credit for such an unbelievable achievement.
President Trump is fighting the American media industry, his formidable opponents and people in the republican establishment, not to mention the American judicial system that is actively trying to cripple his ability to run for office.
This Arctic Victory will be something many of us will never forget, Trump is the comeback kid and then some.  

Sorry We're Full
Nordic Countries to start mass deportations.
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden announced a new agreement on Tuesday that they were to combine their efforts on removing migrants, saying they would launch joint deportation flights and other initiatives. 
The greatest mistake the socialist has ever made is forcing one culture upon another. They say you can't hurry love and lord were they right.
The know-it-all evil clever people have once again been proven wrong, but at what price? How many have become the proverbial collateral damage that is always just part of the math in order to remake our countries into the socialist utopia?
Many of us have pulled out what was left of our hair when the climate change agenda was foisted upon us, but this, the multiculturalism, this took the very last hairs that were left.
Multiculturalism has never worked, there were countries that were destroyed because they didn't control who came into their countries. 
Since ancient times we learned this lesson. 
From ancient Rome to the Habsburg empire, the trail of history is littered with the corpses of dead empires because they lost control of their borders and their cultures. 
From time to time, I wonder how I escaped the clutches of the left, this always reaffirms my faith in God, because clearly, I never was smart enough to escape this nonsense on my own.
If we weather this storm, I hope there are enough pieces left of us to put our country back together again.


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