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America's Madam

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Ghislane Maxwell-what's in a name. Frankly Ghislane Maxwell turned out to be a great name for a hooker or madam.

Jeffrey Toobin must have this poster on his wall...Odd how Toobin is now back in his old job and the real mystery of the Epstein case is why Maxwell is still alive. I wonder how many other people were killed that we don't know about to keep all the rich pervert secrets under wraps?

Epstein and Maxwell were allowed, no paid and handsomely paid, to destroy the lives of young women, what the left loves to refer to as 'children' by the elite left perverts that we have allowed to run our country.

Epstein's whole life is wrapped in intrigue, a guy allegedly comes from little more than nothing and without a college degree lands a teaching position at one of Manhattan's most prestigious schools, the Dalton School.

Anderson Cooper, Chevy Chase, Christian Slater, Jen O'Neil Claire Dane to name a few were among the students of the elite families of New York that went to the Dalton School. I guess this was and is a must for future rulers of the empire. And Epstein was installed as a teacher who never had a college degree. To say this is odd is to bend one's mind past it's limits.

After being fired for his 'inappropriate behavior' towards female students Epstein landed a job at Bear Sterns. How in hell does that happen? Getting a position at the country's most prestigious private school with out a college degree is an incredible achievement but to walk into a job at Bears Sterns with out so much as a resume never mind a clientele is another.

Clearly this wasn't so much as firing as it was a raise and promotion.

Again who the hell is or was Jeffrey Epstein?

Shame on them but shame on us!!!

To think that the major media outlets were involved with people like Matt Lauer who they knew was molesting women and Bill Cosby and on and on...We need to find and or create productions studios that treat all of us with dignity.

And to think that we had a Department of Justice that looked the other way on Epstein! This Department of Justice has been a disaster in so many respects, but this particular case where all these young girls were stolen from their families and youth and innocence by Epstein and Maxwell, and nobody, nobody will lose their job over this.

Speaking of the DOJ, Donald Barr, the father of Attorney General William Barr, came in as a disciplinarian focused on beefing up the academics of the school, and on enforcing a strict code of conduct.1 Donald Barr, not his son the Attorney General was the headmaster at Dalton when Epstein was hired, without a degree. This seems to fit with the elder Barr's standards, you don't need a degree just as long as you are interesting...odd standards for a math or physics guy to be hired under but those were the seventies.

Funny how Epstein worked with the Attorney General's dad and then gets killed in one of America's more secure and notorious jails under the the son's watch. There are so many coincidences in this story it makes your head spin.

There is zero culpability for the government no how much they screw up. From the Epstein disaster where you had every democrat pol of note involved and all the usual suspects at the Department of Justice involved nothing has happened to anyone of them. This wasn't even a speed bump for them.

Trump hired this puke Acosta that rode heard over the prosecution or lack there of in 2008 when Epstein was finally arrested for molesting young girls in Palm Beach. From all accounts it appears he swept the case under the proverbial rug and Epstein got an 18 month sentence he didn't serve!

The only reason anyone knows about Epstein was to shame Trump. If Acosta has to take one for the team so be it. He may have even been in on it just to stir the pot or smear Trump. One has no idea how low the left will go to achieve their evil ends.

And to think that Epstein got murdered in his cell and nothing happens to anyone? The guards that falsified prison documents saying they had checked on the prince of pedos lost their jobs but are not getting any prison time.

How in hell these two took the fall and barely scrapped a knee in the process is beyond belief.

Epstein, one of the more important detainees in the U.S. gets killed in his cell and the prison guards who admitted they essentially were shopping on line or sleeping, please tell me you don't believe a word of this story get essentially a walk??

Epstein was the world's most important PIMP! He even had Prince what's his name from England on his list of pedo clients along with the creepy Clintons. Holy mother of all bleeped uped capers!

It would be funny save all the poor girls and probably boys that were trafficked by these scummy bastards.

The nut job below is allegedly Epstein's cell mate who killed him. If you think Epstein killed himself you probably think Oswald killed JFK and Sirhan killed RFK. I wonder who will put Maxwell down; this isn't a question of if, nope who what and when are the only questions because we all know why she has to die.

  1. NY Times article By Mike Baker and Amy Julia Harris

July 12, 2019

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