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The Road Ahead

Updated: May 9, 2021

America at the cross roads must finally choose if America will become a socialist country or return to our Constitutional Republic roots. The weight of this decision is a heavy one and for those of us who are committed to saving America from the socialists I have to ask are you ready to do what must be done?

In January we witnessed the first real out break of what needs to occur. The fake media called it an insurrection, sadly it was anything but. On January 6th a few individuals violated the capitol building's security while the vast majority that went into the building were let in by the capitol police.

As time rolls on and the truth finally rolls out regarding January 6th. January 6th wasn't an insurrection so much as it was more like the MAGA Kent State event. The major difference between the two events was that an American Veteran Airwoman was murdered in cold blood.

This week we watch in horror as the Department of Justice descended on former Mayor of New York, former Federal Prosecutor Rudy Guiliani's home. Rudy Guiliani took down the mob, survived contracts to kill him, he went after the Wall Street 'C' criminal class taking down Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky. Rudy saved New York after 911 and brought the America's biggest city back.

The department of justice executed a 'covert warrant' against the former mayor and Trump lawyer. The charges are as ridiculous as the action by the justice department is outrageous.

If the government will go after someone of Rudy Giuliani's stature is there anyone they won't go after? Hundreds of Trump supporters are in jail right now for merely tresspassing at the capitol on January 6th. Hundreds of Trump supporters have lost their jobs, their right to be in the United States, hundreds of thousands of dollars in defending themselves in the phony Russia Russia investigation, the list goes on and on...where does the madness stop?

This is the turning point, this is where the roads diverge. Will Americans decide to stay home and swallow hard and hope for the best, or will Americans do what we always do, will we fight back? Will you fight back?

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