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15 second radio ad	$10.00

15 second radio ad $10.00

Dollar a Hollar-15 second Ads are quick hits, Great for Contractors, very effective, listeners have heard the ad before they realize it is an ad. 


  • Your message is simple. If you have a short, powerful message, but don't feel the need to write a long ad. If your statement is impactful, 15-seconds is plenty of time to win over your audience.
  • You want focused attention. It is easy to hold someone's attention for 15-seconds. This is especially important if you want them to take action after hearing your ad.
  • Your competitors aren't advertising. If you're the only one in your category that is advertising on the radio, it's easier to stand out. You will easily be the first name that your customer thinks of when they are in the market for what you sell if you keep a cadence of 15-second ads.
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