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America's Crime Family, or My President hates My Country

Catching shadows is easier than understanding how America found itself being run by a keystone cop crime family. Quid pro quo Joe Biden and huanted Hunter, or forever seeking anything to screw up my father's life/presidency, can't be contained by one of the most extreme presidential administrative staff in American History.

Try as they might, or not, dumb and dumber are either falling down or losing their illegal drugs in and around the White House. Again, how did we get the worst comedy team in American history running our country?

Papa Jo doesn't know if he should exit stage right or left, that's when he hasn't fallen asleep while meeting with another world leader.

Hunter can't keep seem to find the humanity to accept his own daughter as a member of the family and can't keep track of his coke.

Of the significant crimes, treason seems the worst. Bribery seems to be something that happens all the time in Washington, so it's barely remarkable that the Biden's are taking bribes.

But Hunter, Hunter has set a new high on how low you can go.

Hunter isn't being charged with crimes against minors, but clearly there is significant evidence out there to bring some charges for endangerment at the very least. Hunter isn't being charged with prostitution, although there is overwhelming evidence out there against him.

Hunter is being charged with criminal possession of narcotics although there is actually photographic evidence that the DOJ has, and the list could and should go on.

But there isn't anything in this world that compares to democrat party privilege. As I write this the wheels of justice are not turning while more and more damming evidence comes out about the Biden Crime Syndicate.

The principal character in this almost funny saga is the dumbest guy in the United States Senate, the only way he got there and was able to stay there is because American Journalism died with JFK on Daley Plaza.

Biden is now a cynical, mean senile shell of his former player Senator self...I'm still wondering how he reconciled being Vice President to a black man considering he hates black people...odd.

These thoughts and many others have led me to believe that the rest of the world must be holding their breath hoping that one day that there will be a predawn announcement from the White House that old Joe passed in his sleep, you know, like Justice Scalia. Clearly it will be from natural causes.

Biden's personal history is a mix of cheating academically, on his wife, lying about her tragic death and trying to use the personal tragedies in his life as some sort of emotional bitcoin to buy his way into the hearts of a broken-hearted nation.

I look out the window and watch the palm trees sway in the warm summer winds and wonder what happened to my great country. Joe Biden is my President; how could this be?

The only explanation for a Biden Presidency is that the media covered for Biden every step of the way, from muzzling the idiot Kammy Harris, to putting a lid on the story of how Biden won the Carolina primary to not going after a crippled Joe Biden that hid in his basement for most of the general election and then not pursuing the Hunter laptop fiasco.

To think that Woodward and Bernstein chased a story that drove Richard Nixon from office less than twenty months after he, like President Trump, scored a Presidential election that made electoral history, and today's journalists aren't even worthy of the term lapdog.

I haven't touched upon the stolen election, but I think pictures speak louder than words sometimes. Nothing good goes on in politics behind closed doors. Good people don't operate in secret.

We have another election coming up, I plan to be deeply involved, hope you will be too. We may have been cheated before, if you are from Massachusetts you are used to it, this doesn't mean you quit or give up voting, quite the contrary.

Get out and vote so we don't have another criminal nit wit in the White House. I have never been a quitter and have lived by the message from one of our greatest football coaches:

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