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'The report of my death was an exaggeration.’ Mark Twain

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Here today gone tomorrow...such are the words of the idiots that are predicting the end of the American Empire. Drivel and hogwash.

America...founded upon an idea, born in the fire of revolution, our founders laid down their lives to end dictatorial rule from a far away monarch. To say that we are through because an old washed-up homework stealing senile idiot is in the White House is none-sense.

Joe Biden is many things, he isn't the man who will end this great experiment known as America.

Leftist intellectuals, two mutually exclusive terms absolutely, are heralding the end of these United States. To say that we were once one thing and now we are this other thing is an argument I am willing to engage in, but to claim that we as a society, we as the great country that we have come to be is about to come to and end is moronic and laughable.

Americans are facing some serious challenges. Our electoral system has been cannibalized, our borders have been erased and we are once again turning over our petrol dollars to people who hate us when we could in fact be the most energy dominant country in the world.

Is there reason for concern? Absolutely. Is there reason for despair absolutely not.

Every generations faces challenges regardless of what era or country they have been blessed to be in. Today is no different and this generation that is faced with the daunting task of techno tyrants and an entrenched government class that looks out only for its' own interests isn't something that isn't above them.

Have faith, America is still the home of the free because we are the land of the brave. I believe this with all my heart and so should you.

For the leftist scum bags that are claiming this is the end of an okay run for an inherently racist country I say screw! This isn't the end, we aren't a racist country, in fact there probably never has ever been a racist country. Consider the idea on it's face and you have to ask yourself who in the hell believes such a thing?

The leftists are gangsters. They always have been. From Marx to Bill Ayers and now AOC, we have criminals among us, and they will take everything from you and till there is only your life to take and they will rob you of that as well.

We will straighten out our electoral system, we will reclaim our borders and we will become the energy superpower once again!

If past performance is an indication of what the future holds then you know that we are in for a fight and frankly I can't wait to get it on. America is strong and we are still a free nation, don't let anyone tell you different! God Bless and Happy Fourth of July!

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