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America's children are being harvested like livestock! People are getting rich killing our children.

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The nightmare is real. We know but don't want to admit it. The nightmare is real. Children are being murdered and their remains are being sold to the highest bidder. The nightmare is real.

Just thinking about the subject, abortion, makes me cringe. How in God's name did we allow sixty five million children to be slaughtered? Since Rove V. Wade we have lost so very much of our souls, our faith and worst of all Americans, yes the nightmare is real.

Planned Parenthood's annual revenue is $1.3 Billion!!! Yeah, that is Billion with a B! this includes about $530 million in government funding. Yes, I am using red text color to drive home the point that ever penny of this money has our children's blood on it.

I am going out on a limb here but I am sure research will bear me out that the figures above do not include all the monies that the murdering bastards at Planned Parenthood are raking in. By the way...there is no government money, it is your money, our money and my money that is being used to kill our children.

This didn't just happen, corporate America and those that have stolen our faith from us, those that have pushed God out of every aspect of our lives knew that killing our children would turn into big big business and many have made their fortunes doing it.

One of these people is the notorious Merle Hoffman.

Make no mistake about it, Merle is a monster. She is personally responsible for millions of Americans being murdered just like the Nazi prison guards slaughtered millions of jews.

As horrible as it is unbelievable she has become fabulously wealthy in the process. Wikipedia describes her journey:

Merle Hoffman (born March 6, 1946) is an American journalist, activist, and healthcare pioneer.

Shortly after New York State legalized abortion in 1970, three years before the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion nationally, Hoffman helped establish[1] one of the country's first ambulatory abortion centers, Flushing Women's Medical Center in 1971. It was the forerunner of Choices Women's Medical Center[2] which Hoffman founded and serves as president and CEO. Choices is a full-service healthcare provider, offering gynecological services, pre-natal care, family care, transgender health care, telemedicine, mental health and other services.

Hoffman co-founded the National Abortion Federation in 1976,[3] the first professional organization of abortion providers in the U.S., and was its first president. She also founded the New York Pro-Choice Coalition in 1985. Hoffman is the publisher of On the Issues magazine,[4] which began as a print publication in 1983 and then became an online publication in 2008. She was awarded the Front Page Award for Political Commentary in 2010 from the Newswoman's Club of New York.[5]

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In 2016 Merle's killing facility netted ten million dollars. Merle, now in the sunset of her killing career, a spry seventy four is still at it, killing where ever she can. Planned Parenthood, which is really 'planned infanticide' and Merle do not limit themselves to merely killing our children and making a fortune doing so.

These monsters have a lot of money, most if it comes from the taxpayers and insurance companies, in other words you, yes all of us Americans are funding this horror show and no one is stepping up to stop it.

I have been fighting this for decades. I can't tell you how frustrating it is for many of us who have spoken to elected officials who can and should put an end to this madness. The Merle Hoffman's are not going away in fact they use this money like a weapon in punishing their enemies and funding campaigns of anyone that will green light their killing business.

Follow the money...We have all heard this slogan and it is all about the money. The graph above barely touches upon the money that planned infanticide operations earn, Merle is worth millions and every penny of it is covered in the blood of America's children.

Work with me and others in exposing these monsters in your own community. We all have clinics in our state and there is a Merle in every one of them.

When is enough enough? When is to much really to much? Are you there yet?

Phillip Dann

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