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Bill Ayers at large, why?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

From pathetic America hating loser to professor and close friend of the President of the United States. In a little under forty years at that!

Bomb thrower and unrepentant terrorist who wishes he blew up more buildings was close friends with a young Barack, Barry Obama who would become President in 2008. Funny how that worked out.

Ayers has spent most of his life, wait for it, as a teacher, educator!! Yeah..he's a government worker. I wonder how many elections he was involved with in Chicago? Just a thought.

Ayers and his cadre turned in their dreams of violent insurrection to go 'into the belly of the beast' to take over the country from within. His treachery and treason has gone unpunished and he makes no excuses and offers no apologies. By any and all means necessary; they, the cadre of revolutionaries that turned their hate inward at our country live by this credo.

If you are wondering why our statues are being torn down you have Ayers and his ilk to thank.

When a country has it's history stolen, it's founders destroyed the end is not far behind. It the insurrection to destroy this country isn't stopped it will consume all of us and what the great legacy that was passed on to us will be lost.

Bill Ayers and many people like him went into the most vulnerable and logical part of our society to attack us, our schools and corrupted the minds of our children. Angela Davis, a fellow educator, now a college professor in California, a Marxist, of course.

From these humble beginnings we watch these sixties radicals, these losers that ran riot through our streets, killed people, destroyed homes and businesses and did they pay for it? No! In fact we rewarded them with cushy jobs and sadly gave them access to media outlets to spread their lies and hate about our great country.

How can a nation survive putting it's sworn enemies in position of influence and power? All of us know this is wrong yet we allow the government to go ahead and do these idiotic self destructive things all the time.

Oddly last February's commemoration of the Kent State Massacre the government, was forced to rescind the invitation and generous speaking fee to Hanoi Honda. Jane Fonda, traitor, was invited to speak at the fiftieth anniversary of the Kent State Massacre by the government. The people responsible for inviting Fonda were never identified and unlike the virus the controversy died.

Fonda sitting on an anti-aircraft gun that was responsible for shooting down and killing American Pilots. Nothing was ever done to her, no trial, no jail time. She was arrested once, for what??? Protesting! Where was the FBI? Why wasn't this hollywood brat arrested? This was treason!

Her father must have been so proud. I wonder if he just finished up one of those great war movies he was in. Ah...what's a daddy to do? Fonda is still an asshole..yeah I said it. She is a hag now like Ayers and Davis..I guess we can be thankful she isn't getting a government pension like Ayers and Davis.

Age doesn't always make you wiser and of course father time and gravity are tough on all of us. I can't stand the fact that we let these people spit all over our country, a country that has brought more people out of poverty than any other, a country that is always the first to respond to those who have suffered some catastrophic loss due to natural or man made disasters, America is always the first ones to help and the last to leave.

This miscreants malign lie and are stealing from America her legacy and very soul and it is time to put an end to it. How much is to much? How far is to far? Are you there yet?

Phillip Dann

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