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To Georgia

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

If President Trump leaves office January relations with North Korea will definitely become more complicated. Having a senile moron, yes, Joe Biden, as President represents a clear and present danger to the security of these United States.

Like President Reagan tamed the Russian Bear President Trump has brought China's lap dog North Korea to heel. The Chinese use and abuse of the North Korean people as their pawn against the west has been exposed by this President and while he has gotten zero credit for his efforts he will be recognized as the first President to confront the Chinese threat to our country.

The North Korean’s and the rest of the Pacific Rim countries have been terrorized by the Chinese communist party for decades. Having concentration camps in both North Korea and in China is a reminder to the rest of their unfortunate neighbors that the same fate will befall them if they have the temerity to say or do anything to interrupt the total domination of the Pacific.

America has a President today that has pushed back against the communists and if he leaves office in January we will be faced again with limp and feckless leadership from the oval office to the backdoor of the state department.

America has been in a slow simmer for almost fifty years. Generations of Americans have watched thousands upon thousands of factories shipped lock, stock and barrel to China leaving tens of millions of Americans with their only you know what in their hands. Watching this go on for so long Americans were fed up and in 2016 they sent a resounding message to Washington when they voted for Donald J. Trump for President.

America, stand up now or you may be on your knees for a very long time!

This cannot be allowed to stand. It is time to show up in Georgia just like the patriots showed up in Lexington on that cold April morning in 1775.

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